I have a dream about this in nudism (and may it come true someday)

I have a dream of this in nudism

I have a dream of many things in nudism. I hope they all materialize someday because it would help the world in positive ways and be awesome. Here is what I have dreams of in nudism. I am sure more of you can relate to them.

I have a dream that one day the nudist population will be accepted way more by the rest of the population.

I have a dream that nudism will no longer be a predominantly secret thing someday.

I have a dream that one day clothing will no longer be an issue and that everyone will live naked again.

I have a dream that one day the human body will no longer be shameful.

I have a dream that naked shame will terminate one day.

I have a dream that one day it will no longer be news to have someone pose nude in photos or videos and everyone will have nude photos and videos taken of them.

I have a dream that clothes compulsiveness will one day be a thing of the past.

I have a dream that one day everyone will ask what clothes are.

I have a dream that we will go back to just swimming naked again.

I have a dream that the nudity taboo will cease to exist.

I have a dream that the world’s golden age of nudism will be here.

I have a dream that nudism will thrive one day.

I have a dream that, because of nudism in the world, humanity will live happier, better and freer. The world then will also be happier, better and freer as a result.

I have a dream that no one will make a big deal about nakedness anymore someday.

I have a dream that nudism industries and companies will thrive one day.

I have a dream that humanity will regret having clothed itself too much one day.

I have a dream that nudism will be the world’s only way of life one day.

I have a dream that humanity will join the rest of the living things on Earth in not living covered up normally again.

I have a dream that nude recreation will be the only recreation someday.

I have a dream that many clothing industries and shops will go broke and terminate someday.

I have a dream that we will have a nudist revolution around the world to help make social nudity the mainstream way of life in the world again.

I have a dream that we will end all world’s nudity bans and all world’s laws against public nudity.

I have a dream that one day dress codes for clothing to be worn a lot will be no more.

I have a dream that everyone will be a nudist again.

We can make all these dreams come true. I hope they all come true someday.

How nudism can thrive in a nudist world domination

Having a nudist world domination where nudism would be the norm sounds great. I am all in favor of it. Some people consider a nudist world domination to be something where nudism would be ruined with therefore no more nudist areas or tourism. But this is obviously false and contradictory. Nudism in a nudist world domination would thrive. Here’s how.

communal nudity was once so common bring this back

I posted in my previous blog post about how I imagine a nudist world would be like. We can definitely make that dream come true. Nudism would then be normal.

In a nudist world domination we could live as nature intended, doing our normal lives just with no clothes on as the norm.

In a nudist normal world we would no longer have any more public nudity prohibitions. It would be legal everywhere to be naked in public.

Clothing industries and shops would stop thriving and existing in big numbers. Only for necessity as for protection from the elements and for doing risky tasks would we still have clothing industries and shops.

In a nudist world domination nudist tourism and recreation would be the norm. We’d have huge revenues earned in the nudist industry. The nudist industry would attract many people.

In a nudist world domination we would have nudist venues as the only kinds of venues in existence. Some of these venues would be clothing optional while others would be nude mandatory.

We’d only have nudist tourism in a nudist world domination.

In a nudist world domination no one would possibly want to wear clothes anymore. Clothing would be a thing of the past.

In a nudist world domination we’d be doing just about anything nude. We’d only cover up in inclement weather and doing risky activities, and do things more covered up when the need would arrive.

In a nudist world domination we could go anywhere naked: to the park, to school, to work (in appropriate workplaces for nudity), going shopping, walking outside, traveling.

In a nudist world domination all nude imagery (in videos, photos, cartoons, illustrations, fictional characters in films and TV shows) would be normal.

Many people would work for the nudist industry in a nudism-thriving world.

In a nudist thriving world we would never have to worry about clothes. We’d live happier, freer and better.

No one would be ashamed of their body or of nudity anymore.

In a nudism-thriving world public nudity would be legal everywhere.

Our lives would otherwise be in much the same ways, just with no clothes worn normally.

This nudism world domination idea is a dream for now. But we can definitely make it come true. Why don’t we materialize this? It would be an awesome idea.

As the world warms up, nudity will become the appropriate attire. Because the world is warming up, let’s positively promote nudism.

As the world warms up, let’s make nudism a normal way of life. We can do this by making a nudist revolution.

Let’s make a nudist revolution and have it last a long time, begin it sometime within the next 30 years and may it last at least 150 years. We should make a non-violent nudist revolution that is big in the world. Then we can normally live naked again and make a true nudist world domination.

Nudism cannot be ruined in a nudist world domination. On the contrary, it would thrive a lot more than it is as of now. Let’s therefore make a nudist world domination.

Thoughts on a nudist world to be and how it would be like

world of nudism

Making a nude-friendly would would sound awesome! I’m totally in favor of it. I would be happy to see a day when a nude world domination is materialized. I can see that happen one day. Naked is the way we were meant to live anyway. I want to envision what a nudist world would look like, and it can someday become a reality.

A nudist world would sound like an excellent idea! It could potentially save the world. Many problems would not exist if it were not for the clothes compulsiveness.

With a nudist world, we can begin it step by step. We can begin with allowing women to go topless in public.

Shaming the female breasts is purely cultural. All it takes is the will for cultures to change so they begin to allow women baring their breasts. The free the nipple movement is now taking place and may more places allow women to go topless like men in the future.

We should also legalize the right for going bottomless in public.

We can make every beach at least clothing-optional. At least being clothing optional is how every beach should be.

First we can educate the general public about what nudism is truly about. Then we can advance it.

We can ask the owners of textile resorts and clubs to make them nudist ones. It is that simple to make a resort or club at least clothing optional.

With a nudist world we should definitely ban the unnecessary clothing, and such would be ties, bras, undershirts, swimwear, sleepwear and sportswear.

Would nudist areas and recreation be ruined with a nudist world? No, on the contrary, they would thrive and be the norm in the ways that we have textile resorts, beaches, clubs and recreation as the norm for now.

We wouldn’t need specific nudist communities for living naked anymore. Everyone would just live naked.

Everyone would only wear clothes in the events of cold and other inclement weather and doing risky activities.

Many clothing stores would doubtlessly close. The only clothing stores open would be during times of needing clothing for inclement weather and doing risky activities.

Being naked would be expected, and at least at times even required, for school, work, the home, the beach, resorts, clubs, gyms, sports, parks, campsites, the Olympic Games and going to other public places like the store/shop and the movie/film theater/theatre.

Communal nudity as a way of normal living would come back. For the first time since our distant ancestors lived, we would all live naked.

It would feel weird to see someone clothed in a worldwide nudist society.

Clothing would be so frowned upon just like how it is with nudity in certain societies now.

In the event of seeing someone clothed normally, a person would close their eyes or the eyes of someone else since no one would want to see normal clothed living anymore.

In a nudist world nude photos and videos would be normal, and with no problems we would be allowed to own and take nude photos of others naked, especially of our friends and family members. Also, we would be allowed to have nude photos and videos taken of us.

Nude photography and video would be far less prohibited and only be prohibited in reasonable circumstances.

We would normally have nudist events. Only in times of inclement weather would we have clothing required in the events.

In a nudist world we’d no longer force anyone to clothing, just like no one is forced to be naked. Clothing would be required for circumstances like doing risky activities (as a steel or firefighting job), whereas nudity would be required for other circumstances like swimming in a place for swimming and taking communal showers and baths (examples are hot tubs and saunas). In other circumstances, generally we’d have anyone be free to be nude or as bare as they dare.

We could have books about nudism in the mainstream society. We’d normally have nudist films and TV shows with no censoring any body parts.

Speaking of censorship of nudity, in a nudist world no more censorship of any body parts would occur.

Shaming nudity may also just be purely cultural. Culture dictates climate and therefore depending on the climate we have different clothing used due to a culture where a climate is at (example: clothing covering nearly the whole body in Arab-speaking countries due to the burning desert heat). Cold parts of the world, like Russia and Scandinavia, use more clothing than people in the tropics. Still, Scandinavia is very open-minded on nudity. Shaming the body is what is taught by a culture, and religion is part of a culture. In the beginning everyone lived naked, until the Ice Age came and then clothes got invented. First only for protection from the cold was clothing worn, since we had no religions like the ones we have now. Then, as more thousands of years passed, the modern major religions started, and after more centuries clothing became more required. When clothing got more required, body shame became more common. This is why it is difficult for cultural taboos on nudity to change.

However, it only requires the will of cultures to change their beliefs and ways of life to allow more nudity. Religion these days is losing its influence, and religions are nothing more than myths. Same-sex marriage is becoming more legalized these days regardless of the fact of religions like Christianity and Islam prohibiting the practice. Therefore, we can definitely make nudism the future and make the whole world a place where we can be free to be naked anywhere as long as circumstances are suitable for nudity and we do not get in trouble.

In a post-textile world, a couple would get married, have children of their own and raise their children as nudists. Nudism would begin to be introduced to children once they are born. Life would be much the same in households, with the only difference being in living naked.

In a world after normally having clothes for wearing, there would possibly be no more returning to wearing clothes most of the time.

Everyone in a nudist world would find out that being naked was never a big deal in the first place.

We would be brought closer together as a species like nothing else can. Being naked sure brings us closer together.

We would expect and at least sometimes even require nudity during the warmer temperatures.

In a nudist world in appropriate workplaces people would work naked. Students would be expected to go to school naked. In this case, the adults would work naked, then come back home naked, the students from preschool to higher education would be in school naked and come back home naked, and once everyone of the parents and children would arrive home, stay naked.

In the event of working in an inappropriate workplace for nudity, as steel or welding, would put protective gear on and when coming home from work, take off the covering and be naked at home.

Governments everywhere would ban clothing when it would be more appropriate for being naked.

In a nudist world the world would be happier because nakedness is bliss. It is hard to be naked and sad.

No one would be horrified or ashamed of being naked or seeing naked human bodies anymore.

We would wonder what the big deal was about clothes in the first place.

In this world we would all be a more peaceful society. We would get along with one another better.

We’d have a much greener world. Laundry is a waste of water and time.

We’d save a whole lot of money on laundry bills, textile vacations and buying more clothes.

Of course, nudity is irrelevant from the good and bad, and completely. Nudity and clothing do not make one a good or a bad person. One’s actions determine if he or she is a good or a bad person. Therefore, in a nudist world we’d obviously still have good and bad people.

In many ways, however, life would be the same in a nudist world. We’d still suffer, have good and bad days, have families, be imperfect, make mistakes, learn something new every day, play, work, go out, travel, party, celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, an imperfect world, vote, have problems, use technology, communicate with one another and much more.

There isn’t much we can’t do nude, and therefore we’d still have pretty much the same lives in a nudist world.

The world would be a better place without clothes. I have even read an imaginary newspaper headline on Tumblr and Twitter of nudist/naturist accounts that a newspaper called The Fun Times read, “clothing banned worldwide” on the date of February 17, 2015. Those news, of course, were fake. I’ve actually been impressed and surprised by positive comments on that image and from fellow nudists saying in comments on that photo like, “would be nice”, “I wish”, “the world would be better off”, “if only”. If it is a good idea, we should ban clothes from the world.

clothing banned worldwide uncensored

Osho if clothes disappear from the world

Regarding banning clothes worldwide, however, here is what could make it a possibility: a warming world and artificial intelligence doing all dangerous tasks. How? Well, let’s look at this to verify it.

Well, the world is getting warmer and therefore this makes sense to just promote nudism. The ice caps are melting. By the end of this 21st century we could have many areas around the world warm all year. Many areas are bound to have summers where it is hot enough for nudity, and in the other seasons more suitability for nudity with few times requiring clothes. We won’t need to confine ourselves to just nudist communities for permanent nudist living. Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to emerge more often. It is going to be around more in the coming decades and will perform tasks that humans currently do that are too dangerous for humans to do. Therefore, pretty soon AI robots will be doing jobs like welding and work for steel. One downside of this is that it is prone to render humans unemployed and eventually even unemployable. Because of this and a warmer world, we may not need much clothing. Clothing could therefore become a rarity. If robots do jobs like steel or work for other very hot conditions, the people in these jobs are sure to get laid off. We could now live naked as nature intended again, and be careful to not spend too much time out in the sun to prevent sunburn. In this case, we could be naked almost all the time normally around the world for the first time since our distant ancestors.

we are 100% for a nudist world domination

In fact, we should create this kind of world. As the world warms up, it will only get more appropriate for being naked. Temperatures will reach about 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius) and above more normally in the future, especially starting as we get to the middle of the 21st century. There is a silver lining here: we will be more and more able to go nude. Hopefully, in our inevitable future of warmer temperatures, we have communal nudity as a normal way of living again to cope with the higher temperatures.

Nudism seems to be growing these days. Nudist vacations/holidays, or “nakations”, are becoming more popular. Now we have more nudist restaurants opening. Swimwear is tiny in size in some cases; there are thongs no longer covering the vagina. The Internet is opening up more open-mindedness of nudity like never before. Because religion is losing its influence, now we are having more people deciding to go nude. May we now get to more steps to bring nudism to the mainstream society.

we need more families like these

nudists in the nude with the swimming pool in a nudist resort

a world without clothing a better world

nudity makes the world go round

nudist world loading under construction

nudist couple in the beach

nudist family standing next to a wall

nudist family camping and in the forest

nudist family standing and each one with a trophy

nudist family near the poolnudist family sitting in a vacation spot near an RV

nudist family camping naked in a nudist campCouple on the beach

we say yes make social nudity mainstream

In the event of artificial intelligence taking over all dangerous human tasks and of a good amount of additional world warming, we could be naked almost all the time in places where it is warm year-round, or where summers aren’t burning desert hot. There will still be some cold weather on occasion, but clothing won’t be as needed.

I hope all these visions that I have for a nudist world come true in the future. Let’s make this a reality.

The necessity of nudity

A very good article, and we should promote nudism.

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home clothesfreelife.com

Why Nudity is Necessary

As a teenager I struggled with body confidence issues that reached the stage of attending Slimming World and breaking down at the glimmer of a camera lens. Both unfortunate and increasingly evident issues in today’s young generation. But these problems stem from the pressure given by fashion, advertisement, television, music, and so on. Often a figment of social imagination and expectation rather than genuine problems, our idea of ‘healthy’ or even ‘attractive’ weight is disastrously mistaken. On the other hand, in naturist environments I could finally release my sucked in stomach and save twenty minutes of painful self-judgement each morning trying to choose which outfit shows the most airbrushed version of myself. This is why society needs nudity.

We need to know what average people look like. We need to know it’s ok to be ourselves and aim simply for happy and healthy. And we need…

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Please sign these nudist petitions

Hello, and please sign these petitions on nudism. Two of them are mine; the other two were created by other people, and we should get more signatures on them.

  1. created by me

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/958/299/323/increase-the-number-of-nudist-places/ – this is to increase the number of nudist places

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/532/669/729/make-social-nudity-mainstream/ – to make social nudity mainstream

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/100/871/956/make-more-nude-friendly-events/ – to make more nude-friendly events

2. created by others and signed by me still

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/702/027/754/help-make-it-easier-for-nudist-places-to-open/?taf_id=13740754&cid=fb_na# – to help make it easier for nudist places to open

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/317/425/672/lets-make-all-public-nudity-legal/ – to legalize public nudity

http://www.thepetitionsite.com/667/609/365/us-beachesparks-be-%22clothing-optional%22-non-sexual-social-nudity-should-be-accepted/ – to make a portion of all U.S. parks and beaches as clothing optional

Feel free to sign them!

Being naked should not be shamed

Why does being naked have to be shamed and something to be reluctant about? Why do we have to live like this?

Governments have created so many laws prohibiting public nudity. We’re told by the media, peer pressure, and society to be ashamed of simple nudity. It has passed down from our parents, grandparents, and so on since humanity became so accustomed to clothing.

always allow nudity

We should be allowed to be naked anywhere at any time. No joke, exaggeration, or lie.

From a young age, we’re taught to be ashamed of seeing nudity, either of ours or of others. It’s unfair to require clothing in all times and places. Due to this insanity created by society, we have never-nudes.

Every home should be nude-friendly. In fact, the whole world needs to be nude-friendly.

Shaming nudity is a bad idea. It leads to problems like insecurity about our bodies, a lower self-esteem, and less body acceptance.

Being naked should be allowed and encouraged because it would improve our health and well-being.

No one should prohibit being naked from anyone else. It makes no sense.

At home, why not be naked? It shouldn’t be a taboo to be naked anymore. In the 21st century, it’s time to have more freedom.

Nudism should not be something hidden and isolated. It should be widespread and accepted.

We were all born naked, so why should it be evil to be naked?

We have a huge textile industry that has huge advertising for clothes. The media tells us to have such an attractive body, which has led to more resorting to bulimia and plastic surgery to look like such models. It has led to negative effects. Nudism promotes a positive body image and discourages the rejection of any body, however imperfect it is.

Buying brand-name clothes is a waste of time and money. It’s materialistic too. Why were so many clothes even made in the first place?

We’re told to clothe ourselves and that we need clothes to go out, to attend parties, to go to work, to dress casually, that the naked body is boring and it’s therefore best to look good clothed, and above all, that being naked is plain inappropriate.

Even during the heat, depending on the climates where we each live at, we’re required to be clothed. Being naked in hot climates/weather means the body temperature regulates itself to prevent heat exhaustion more easily.

It’s now time to get rid of the outdated notion that we must hide our bodies in shame. Nudism is advantageous for humanity.

Being afraid of nudity is afraid of nothing. There are things to be okay to fear, but not nudity.

Nudism doesn’t have to be private. No one has said that nudism had to be confined to secluded and private times and places.

The world was not designed to have dress codes. Being forced to cover up is a form of abuse. Body shame always hurts.

Nudism should be the norm. Nude images and videos should be normalized, too.

There’s no such thing as too young to be a nudist. The porn industry makes us believe that nudism is only for adults.


Many nudists near a swimming pool.

Nudity shouldn’t be censored. Why do movies and the media censor body parts rendered obscene by certain cultures – butts, genitals, female nipples? Those are natural parts of our bodies, just like all our other body parts. It’s no different to censor one body part or another. And no other animals’ bodies get censored. The human body was not made to be censored.

The human body is wonderful and beautiful. It makes no sense to be arrested just because we’re outside naked. How can that be criminalized while playing violent video games among children is acceptable?

Being offended and even horrified of nudity is so sad and unfair. It means being offended by our own species – humanity.

Clothes divide and even dehumanize us. Nudism facilitates life so much. We should live naked as much as possible and not care if we’re visiting and being visited by friends or family, going anywhere, or doing anything that doesn’t require clothing to do.

Here’s more information to have widespread and promote nudism in a positive manner.

Nudism should be the future!

Nudism is the future

Yes! Let’s make this so!

Nudism should truly be the future! Let’s see why this should be so.

Nudism is the way to go and has so many benefits. We should promote nudism in a positive manner. Nudism is important too. The naked human body is beautiful and should not be frowned upon. Clothes even serve to dehumanize us. It doesn’t matter if non-sexual nudity is allowed anywhere at any time. It’s how many people lived prior to the European conquest of the Western Hemisphere, Africa, and parts of Asia and the Pacific. We can never outgrow our nakedness. We pretty much all have the same bodies – either we’re male or female. It’s so unfair that we’ve been required to clothe ourselves in many circumstances. And one big reason we have never-nudes is because of this clothes compulsiveness that has been so ingrained into society.

We’re also animals and indeed part of nature. We must eat. We must drink water. We all breathe. We weren’t born with clothes on our bodies. We don’t need clothes to survive or be happy. Clothes don’t bring happiness. If we clothe ourselves too much, we move further away from nature. Non-sexual nudity is not hurtful to a society. We should definitely advocate for a nude-friendly world.

We have people who tell us things like, “you’re crazy”, “are you nuts?”, and “eww, nudity is gross” when it comes to talking about nudity. Why? Because we’ve been ingrained to clothing our whole lives. The benefits of nudism should be widespread. If we don’t spread the information like wildfire to the general public, society will continue to think we must cover up in shame.

My youth generation is more interested in nudism than ever. We have more movies and TV shows containing nudity, including among such movies and shows for children and families. More and more people become nudists every year. Nudist places are rising quickly. Swimwear is shrinking in size and we are close to going back to swimming naked at least normally again. Vacation options for nudists are growing. There are more family-friendly nudist vacations and places than ever. We’re being more exposed to nudity than just a decade ago. We have more groups promoting nudism. The Internet is making it easier than ever to view naked human bodies non-sexually. Clothing fashions have been covering less of the body since the 18th century. We may be close to having a more nudist society due to these reasons. And let’s not lose hope for a more nudist society in the near future!

We should advocate for making social nudity mainstream. It makes sense because we humans were also designed to be naked.

Let’s have more nudity allowed in more circumstances in the future. Why not stay naked after showering or bathing? If we want to walk or run around naked, why not allow that? Not choosing to wear clothes is a right that should be allowed for anyone. We should legalize public nudity. We should not allow swimwear and just swim naked. Everyone should be naked in a society – it’s for our own good and it would improve society. We need to get and be naked more often. It’s absurd and silly to wear clothes to swim, to sunbathe, at home, in the park, or when it gets hot.

Why not be naked with friends, family, roommates, couples, pretty much with anyone? Let’s keep hoping for non-sexual public nudity to become the norm beginning in the near future. The future should be people naked in private and public.

Whoever came up with the idea of clothing ourselves on a daily and normal basis was insane and pushed us to clothes obsession.

With nudism allowed we can converse on the same level and we are accepted no matter what with no misjudgment. There is more peace.

Nudism is for all, not just adults or the elderly, as there are common misconceptions that nudism is for adults only or that it’s composed mainly of elderly people. We just need to find ways to attract more young people like me into nudism.  We also should attract more families. Eventually we’ll have nudism normalized.

We surely would have many textile and clothing stores and industries close and go out of business.

Nakedness is happiness, and it’s hard to be naked and sad. So, if we’re feeling down, let’s gt naked, and for the future, it should be being naked whenever practical at any place!

Let’s hope for a day when we will be allowed to be naked  anywhere and do things naked with no one saying something bad about that, much less threaten us to call the police just for being naked in public.

Nudism should be legal everywhere! It’s so nice to be free of clothes and more people should practice nudism.

Let’s have corner nude stands in as many towns and cities as possible!

We should keep promoting nudism in a positive way. Nudism helps humanity.

Because this world has now depended too much on clothes, let’s get back to the basics and live naked. In this technological world, let’s live naked as much as we can like our ancestors did.

Let’s better spread the word of nudism and have nudism be future living!